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Is Sugar Powering Your Work Day?

Whether you have a desk job, a manual labor position, or a service industry job, we all find ourselves reaching for something to …

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Snack Attack: Oreo Thins

Yes, this is still a food and fitness blog…but…Oreos! I try to keep my snacks healthy wherever possible, but it’s really hard …


Snack Attack: Tostitos Rolls

Tostitos were already my biggest weakness…and now this! I just discovered new Tostitos Rolls during a recent trip to Walmart. AHHH!!! They look …


Sugar: The Gateway Drug

    My favorite friend is also my worst enemy. Sugar builds me up only to bring me (and my insulin levels) …

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Never Go to Costco Hungry

It is inadvisable to go to Costco hungry. Of course, we know that we shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, lest we …

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Beware the Sugar-Free Bears

Sugar free doesn’t necessarily meant guilt-free. And, in many cases, it doesn’t mean calorie-free either! Take for example these wonderful sugar-free gummy bears …