Sugar: The Gateway Drug



sugar gateway drug

My favorite friend is also my worst enemy. Sugar builds me up only to bring me (and my insulin levels) back down. The high is so good, but it doesn’t last. And when I come down, I come down hard.

I used to fuel up every work day at about 2 p.m. on sugar and soda to get me through the rest of the day. At the time I had no idea that my insulin spike and subsequent crash would make me even more tired later, sometimes even nodding off at my desk. (Yikes!) 

Now, however, I keep my sugar intake at a minimum, with the occasional cheat for sanity purposes. Take for example a particularly crazy cheat day from about two weeks ago (which may or may not have been near the anniversary of my birth). Cookies, a cupcake, ice cream and Starbursts were great, and overall not so bad for one special day. However, the more I ate, the more I wanted. What’s one more cookie? But then, I wasn’t satisfied with water, I wanted juice too! It wanted more and more. The sweet addiction is so, so real.

Now that I’m back to reality, all of those cheats are fixable, and I’m paying for them with lots of extra cardio. Yet, just indulging for that special day left me longing for the temporary satisfaction the carbs and sugar gave me. My prepped meals seem almost boring in comparison. Thus, a ripple effect from my original sugary indiscretions.

photo 4

And THEN…I see things like this…Chips Ahoy! cookies…stuffed with Oreo creme. Seriously?? And they’re soft! How could they? Nabisco, why do you hate me so??!!

You think that’s all? What about this…

photo 1 - Copy

Like who can legitimately be expected to avoid temptation like this?? It’s outrageous. Everyone knows that I love snacks too.

But seriously, the truth is that I like the results I’ve been getting and I wouldn’t want to sabotage that, because in the end, I will feel way better. I guess the only solution is to stay strong and remember my goals, and that pool parties are mere days and weeks away, so I won’t be buying any bags of cookies any time soon.

However, if I happened to have a FRIEND that bought a bag and wanted to let me have just one or two… hmmm….

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