Snack Attack: Oreo Thins

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Yes, this is still a food and fitness blog…but…Oreos!

I try to keep my snacks healthy wherever possible, but it’s really hard for me to get with so-called “diet” snacks. Many of the low-fat, sugar-free recipes leave me so…unfulfilled.

On the contrary, I think these new Oreo Thins are a GREAT idea–a thinner, crispier cookie, with less cream in the middle, but the same Oreo flavor. 

oreo thin side view beatsoreo thins unbox

If I were the one marketing these, I would give them a sexy nickname like “Oréo” (pronounced or-ay-oh). Kind of like how we jokingly call Target, “Tar-jay.” It just feels fancier, sexier.

Imagine Sophia Vergara telling you how much she “Luhves the new, thinner, Oréo cookies” and how they give her the taste she loves, without so much of the guilt. “I’m watching my figure,” she’d say. (*looks at hot guy staring at her*) “…and so is he.”

[end scene] Hey Nabisco, call me.Oreo thins smile

The only drawback I see with the Oreo Thins is that, for the same price, you are getting much less in each package. Each cookie is thinner, yet instead of getting more, you get less cookies for the same price. I suppose that’s part of the plan to help us with our diets. (sigh)

In other Oreo news, I heard that Brownie Batter is next on the list of special flavor releases from Oreo. They know how to keep me coming back, that’s for sure.

oreo brownie batter

I’ll be trying these and reviewing as soon as I’m back in the country!

Brownie Batter Oreo photo courtesy

**Note: I have not been paid to talk about Oreos, nor have any complimentary ones been sent to me. I’d love some though, so keep that in mind.





  • Angelina

    I love your marketing idea! I would definitely buy Oréos!

    • RatherBeEating

      Ha! Thanks so much. Glad to know someone’s as interested as I am. LOL!