Running in Your Underwear: Cupid’s Undie Run


via Cupid's Undie Run
via Cupid’s Undie Run

I recently got an email notification about an upcoming Fun Run in my area. Generally, I enjoy fun runs and have posted about them in the past, such as the R.O.C. Race, Glow in the Dark Race and other fun obstacle course-style races, which usually raise money for charity.

This one, however, left me a bit shocked. Cupid’s Undie Run, takes place around Valentine’s Day each year, and is run in your (preferably red) UNDERWEAR!


Yes, they are actually asking you to put all your wobbly bits into some undies and then head off on a run, while people cheer and take photos. While, this may seem terrifying for most of us, the good news is that it’s only a mile long and it raises funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Also, there’s a party and beer after (yay!).

While my initial reaction to running in my undies was pure horror (it’s gonna be freezing!), I have to admit it looks fun and this really is a good cause. The race has already raised millions of dollars over the last few years. You can run solo or with your own team, so I’ll be hitting up my friends to see if they’ll join me!

I was thinking that if I participate, I’ll need to find a flesh-toned body suit to wear under my undies, because I’m pretty sure no one’s ready for this jelly.

cupid undie run dc 2
via Cupids Undie Run D.C.

Cupid’s Undie Run is taking place in 38 cities this year. Here in the DMV, races are in Baltimore on 2/14 and D.C. on 2/15.

Check it out and let me know if you all decide to register and strip down for a good cause!

Here’s a video for a look at all of the hilarity in store: