RBE Travels: Cancun Mexico, plus Tips on Traveling Solo


RBE travels Cancun GraphicMy first solo vacation was just a few weeks ago to beautiful Cancun, Mexico. The weather was perfect for my winter getaway, the water was electric blue and I had no one to answer to but myself.

What was I doing in Mexico? Bulking, of course! I ate my weight in tacos and guacamole, and I regret nothing. It was nice to just relax and eat what I wanted, but I made sure to get my workouts in while I was away too.

tacos in mexicotaco stand mexico

(The most delicious tacos in the world, and they only cost about $5)

Unfortunately, I neglected to check if my hotel had a fitness center and I was sad to see that it did not. BUT! I brought my jump rope and my running shoes, and was fully prepared. I logged in 15 miles in 3 1/2 days, which for me is NOT the norm. So no need to feel too guilty about the guacamole I ate by the ton.

I learned so much on this trip. If you’ve never taken a solo vacation, here are some things that you should know before going on holiday alone. Read below and be sure to check out even more great photos from my trip.

isla mujeres ratherbeeating

10 Important Things I Learned from My First Solo Vacation

1. Solo vacays are great for relaxing. Do what you want–no worrying about pleasing anyone else.
2. Everyone will ask you if you are alone–LIE. It’s easier to lie about this than to try to explain. Probably safer too.
3. You will sleep a lot–no one will be there to wake you up, and that’s fine. But! Set alarms on your phone so you don’t sleep through dinner. You will be sad if you do.
4. If you are a woman, everyone will try to get over on you! Taxis, waiters, street vendors–Especially in places with foreign currency.  Ask someone ahead of time what prices are reasonable, and then call people out when they try to hustle you. They will laugh or leave you alone.
5. Solo vacays are good for chilling on the beach, even some day partying, not so much for night partying. 
6. If you drink, you should have someone to watch your back. If you don’t drink, watching strangers get drunk is weird.
7. The all-inclusive resorts never have the good, authentic local food. You have to go “into town” for that.
8. For the times where there’s no cell service and no wifi, it feels like you might die at first–you wont. Go SEE things…and bring a great book.
9. Go see the (FREE!) super-corny Michael Jackson tribute show (or similar offering). No one is there to judge you, it’s surprisingly entertaining and you will laugh until tears run down your face.
10. This may be the only justifiable reason to ever buy one of those ridiculous “Selfie Sticks.”

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