Snack Attack: Tostitos Rolls

Via Tostitos on Facebook

Tostitos were already my biggest weakness…and now this! I just discovered new Tostitos Rolls during a recent trip to Walmart. AHHH!!! They look so good! They taste just like the regular cihps, but there’s something about the shape that makes them so much more fun. It’s kiind of like when you cut a kid’s sandwich into a heart shape or a dinosaur. Yes, I’m that kid, and I’m excited. LOL. There are so many dips I want to use them with! No, this is not a sponsored post, and yes, I definitely have to save these for a cheat meal. I just really love snacks (I’ve been called the “Baby Dee” of my friendship circle) and Tostitos are one of my all-time faves. Once the bag is open, it’s a wrap, so I try not to have them in the house too often.

What are some favorite snacks (healthy or otherwise) that are a big weakness for you? Be sure to like and comment below.