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Keeping up with the latest in health and fitness is a full-time job, admittedly, but it’s one that I can’t get enough of. I follow dozens of websites regularly to stay up to date on the newest fitness, health and nutrition trends, as well as new gadgets and products. Though there are thousands to choose from, there are a few that always keep me coming back, whether for tips, ideas, or great photo inspiration.

Check out my current favorite sites and see what makes them great.


This awesome site delivers a ton of awesome health, fitness and food content every day. Their posts are always timely, interesting and often quite funny. I find tons of inspiration here, ESPECIALLY in the great receipes I get in the daily newsletter they send to subscribers, like this post on 38 Surprisingly Delicious Zucchini Recipes.

Fitness RX for Women


This site is all about perfecting the female body. It’s awesome to really have a pubication focused on fitness and bodybuilding from the woman’s perspective. I love the interviews with female bodybuilders, athletes and fitness models, and the regular workout series they post from various experts. May favorites are the videos that show how to improve your form, like this one on How to Target Glutes with Romanian Deadlifts. There’s tons of fitspo here too, with some of the world’s top fitness ladies always gracing the magazine and website.



Health research is quite fascinating for many reasons and ScienceDaily has great info on the latest trends and discoveries. When I want to discuss the latest thing, I look to them as a reliable source for medical and health reaserch info. With articles like the one on the recent findings that “Hot chilli may unlock a new treatment for obesity,” I always learn something new.



Now this isn’t really a fitness site, but I love them for always staying up on the lastest tech industry news. Among other interesting things they cover, they feature the latest gadgets and products that are often of interest to fitness enthusiasts. They review things like the Apple Watch and other fitness trackers. Before I invest my coins in the latest thing, I like to come here for the scoop.

Well (by New York Times)

Well by New York Times

True to New York Times form, the Well blog gets in-depth with experts on issues of interest. They recently spoke to Dawn Scott, the fitness and performance coach for the United States women’s soccer team, who offered tips on training and recovery in the story “Train, and Recover, Like a U.S. Soccer Star.” There was also a recent article on a study which found that “Daily Coffee May Boost Colon Cancer Survival.”

Well+Being (by Washingtonian)

Well+Being Washingtonian

I love this site because of all the local info it provides. Living in the D.C. metro area, there are a ton of fitness related things to see and do, and of course tons of food festivals and more. The blog not only updates on local happenings it also delivers great posts by excellent experts and writers. I am a fan of the Washingtonian brand as a whole and especially love the tips on FREE fitness activities available here.

Tone It Up

Tone it Up

These two bikini babes are so inspiring! Karena and Katrina offer free, regular workout videos fit for beginners or more experienced fit girls (often with free printouts), weekly/monthly challenges and programs, nutrition tips, recipes, enviable fitness gear and stunning beach photos all make this site super addictive. The ladies had their on their own Bravo! network show called Toned Up and even have their own brand of protein powder and vitamins. Their #TIU community is super-devoted, especially on Instagram, boasting tons of great before and after photos to prove it.

What are your favorite places to get health and fitness news and info? Share in the comments below!

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