2015: My Year of Running

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This year, I have stepped up my running game tremendously. I’ve run more miles than I ever thought possible, and certainly¬†more than I’d ever thought I would enjoy.

Veterans Day 10K
At this year’s Veterans Day 10K in D.C.

I especially love tracking my progress with different apps and really getting a feel for how I’m improving. This year, I shaved almost three minutes off of my average mile time, ran the farthest ever in one sitting (seven miles!), ran while traveling, and even braved running in sub-freezing temperatures. I’ve discovered some really cool things along my running routes too. It feels pretty crazy, but also extremely exciting, because these are all things I never pictured myself willingly doing. (cardio! lol.)

Currently, Nike is using the Nike+ app to show a summary of users’ year of running with Nike Run Club Re-Run. The web app creates a cool 15-second video with a summary of your running based on the info in the app. It highlights accomplishments like your most active month and your longest run. If you’re on Nike+, don’t forget to check out your own! If you aren’t on there yet, you should join, and add me! lol.

It’s been a great motivation and really has me pumped for the year where I plan to make even more awesome improvements. Next on my list: a half marathon!

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