Midnight on Mars III 5K Run Recap


A few weeks ago, I shared that I was participating in a midnight run event organized by D.C. running family District Running Collective (DRC). Well it turned out to be a blast!

Motivation for the runners.

I started out the day on Saturday by joining the Pilates for Runners class hosted in The Running Room in the afternoon before the run. Instructor Monica Garcia‘s positive energy kept us motivated as we sweated (and groaned) through the moves. As a runner, pacer for Nike Run Club and pilates instructor at PureRyde in Bethesda, MD, she has what seems to be an unlimited supply of energy. She has some pretty dope playlists too, which helped motivate everyone through the workout. This was a good thing, because it turned out to be MUCH harder than it looks!

MOM3 Pilates-1DRC MOM3 - 1 of 5

Then I headed off to refuel (eat! nap!) before returning for the run later that day at 9 p.m.

The greatest part of the event was the welcoming vibe of everyone. Though I didn’t know many people there, everyone was super friendly and engaging. Hangout time both before and after the run made for great opportunities to meet other cool folks in the D.C. area involved in a fun, active lifestyle.

DRC Midnight on Mars 3
DRC co-founder Matt Green and yours truly.


Midnight on Mars 3 pre race
The social aspect was one of the best parts of the Midnight on Mars III event.



Some Midnight on Mars participants flashing their medals and smiles.


Midnight on Mars group

Although Midnight on Mars is an annual event, DRC meets weekly for runs and other awesome outings. Check out the District Running Collective website for more info and scheduling. Also, check out my last post on the Midnight on Mars III event, where I spoke to co-founder Matt Green on how the event began and what motivated him and his friends to start the DRC.

Since I’ve been running more lately, I can’t wait to link up again with this crew of positive people!

Most photos courtesy of District Running Collective.