Happy BeyDay! A Bootylicious Tribute

photo 2 A very special Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness, The Golden One, Mother of all that is Flawless, Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter! September 4th will forever be a holiday in the eyes of all the #BeyHive, who get life from stanning for her endlessly.

My Single Ladies costume complete with homemade glove, circa 2011.

The ultimate #fitsporation who also clearly loves food as much as we do (Popeye’s!), she hold’s the #1 spot on our list of inspiring, fabulous, fit, fierce, females! Those thighs and abs, and that bum are not only great to admire, but also a huge push for those of us just trying to make it through cardio. Her Girl Power anthems fuel our workouts, and comfort us when we are depressed and doing the “ugly cry.”

If you are a super-fan too, check out the 24/7 Beyonce channel on Pluto.TV showing her greatest moments all week long! All hail the Queen Bey!!

Here are some photos from my Pinterest board dedicated to her for your to enjoy: all photos via Pinterest.