Full Body Bleachers Circuit [with Gifs]

Bleachers Circuit header graphic

Fall is here whether we like it or not, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the mild temperatures before winter weather takes over.

Since nearly everyone has a school, college or stadium relatively close to where they live, I put together this great, simple workout that can be done outside on any stadium or field bleachers or even on a large staircase. Check out the workout with fully animated gifs to explain each move (click to view the animation). The photos are also featuring some awesome new workout gear from Forever 21.*

Bleachers Circuit Graphic

First, Bleacher Sprints x 15 reps. (Up and down is 1 rep)

Bleacher run

2.  Elevated pushups x 15 reps.

Elevated Pushup

3. Switch Jumps x 30 reps

switch jumps

(Tap each foot to the top of the step, jumping as you switch legs)

4. Pushup with kickback x 10 (alternating legs)

leg extension pushup

5. Split squat lunges x 10 reps (each leg)

split squat lunge

6. Resistance band curls x 20 reps

Bleacher curls

Repeat entire circuit x 3

Give this workout a try and see how fast you can get it done for top calorie burn!

As I mentioned, my outfit is from Forever 21‘s latest fall activewear collection, and I absolutely love it. Perfect for fit style on a budget. For more details, check out the cool closeups below:

Outfit Details-2

Outfit Details-4

Shop the Sports Bra here, Colorblocked Athletic Capri Leggings here. Sneakers are Nike Free 5.0, past season. Find similar here.

*Note: Although I’m clearly a fan of Forever 21 activewear, this post is not sponsored. I just really liked this outfit!

Photo credit: W. Grey