Fitness Flashback: Kiana’s Flex Appeal


Now I might be telling my age here, but I recently came across a video that sent me on a blast to the past. I remember coming home after school during late middle school to early high school, and mimicking the exercises I saw on the ESPN workout show “Kiana’s Flex Appeal,” using free weights I stole from my older brother’s bedroom. During the summers, I would even get up and do the workouts in the mornings too.

As a teen, Kiana’s pro bikini competition body, skimpy swimsuits and perky attitude really got me interested in learning about fitness. I wish I could say that I stayed interested from that point, but once I lost the baby fat (and started noticing boys), fitness was no longer a top concern. I resorted to more unhealthy crash diets that worked for a short time, but soon learned they didn’t have lasting results.

Now that I have been getting back into a proper weight lifting and fitness regimen over the past few months, I see how the things I watched on the show years ago are still true today (with some style variations of course).

Check out a video of Kiana Tom from and her fabulous workout wardrobe that I found on her YouTube channel:


You can view more of Kiana, still fit, perky and beautiful as ever, over at her site,