(F)ight (U)nite (K)ure Cancer – 5K in D.C.

fukcancer banner

Well that got your attention, didn’t it? My friends at FightUniteKureCancer.org are using some serious language to help bring some serious attention to this disease called CANCER.

Of course, most of you have realized by now from all of the lovely pink merchandise floating around that it is indeed Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Instead of just going out and buying a pink pen that might not even give any money to support breast cancer research anyway, why not join my friends and I for the “Fight Against Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk” this Saturday at Melvin C. Hazen Park in Northwest Washington D.C. Not only will you be supporting the fight against breast cancer, but you’ll burn some calories of your own, helping to reduce your own cancer risks.

Then when it’s all done we can head over to the Taste of D.C. food festival and stuff our faces.

…wait, I thought I just said that last part in my head. lol. Shhhhhh. Check out all the details below.

FUKC Cancer walk flier