Dirty Snow – The Snow Day Workout

snowday wrkout

Many of us here in the DMV area (that’s DC, Maryland and Virginia for you international readers) were stuck in the house today, snowed in and off from work (woo hoo!).

Now if you’re an avid gym goer, this type of break is both good and bad. It’s great to be able to stay home and relax, but it stinks to not have access to your favorite gym location. And I won’t even mention the temptation to eat and snack all day long, ugh!

The next time you’re snowed in (ahem, tomorrow?) make the best of your time at home by trying out this killer HIIT-style leg and glutes snow day workout:

  • 20 front-to-back Lunges (l & r)
  • 30 kettle bell swing squats
  • 20 Jump squats
  • 50 Low jacks,
  • 30 calf raises
  • 20 donkey kick burpees.
  • Repeat x 3*

Complete each set back to back with only 20 seconds rest between each. Use a kettlebell (or dumbell) that is moderately heavy and hold during each exercise. I used 20lbs.

Need even more of a challenge? Add the kettlebell swing squats between each exercise! Super hard and adds an extra cardio element. Who says you can’t get a good workout at home?  Now that you’ve warmed up, head out and get in some more cardio in the form of a snowball fight!

*Always consult your physician before trying this or any exercise program. Always feel free to rest if you feel overexerted at any time.