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Holiday Diet Reality

It is holiday time again, and that means tons of cookies, cakes and other yummy sweet and savory goodies will have you …

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Delicious Two Ingredient Salmon

Hello fit friends! I have for you what may the most simple recipe you ever will find. This super-easy, Two-Ingredient Salmon has become …

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Update: Chobani GMO Response

A few weeks ago, I posted my reaction to the news that Whole Foods Market decided to discontinue carrying Chobani greek yogurt …


This is Not a Juice Fast

I’m not doing a juice fast. Mostly because I reallllllllly hate cleaning my juicer. It’s pretty messy and a pain to clean, …


Chobani Has GMOs? Say it Isn’t So!

Washingtonian’s Well+Being blog recently reported that health-conscious grocer Whole Foods Market has decided to stop carrying Chobani in 2014 due to the company’s …