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You’re Probably Eating Too Much Salt

Salt is wonderful. It’s like a miracle dust that makes almost anything taste better. Auntie Anne’s pretzels, popcorn, ramen, chicken, caramel(!), anything potato-related–they’re …

Banana Berry Green Smoothie RatherbeEating

Banana Berry Green Smoothie

I used my Iced Smoothie Greens again this morning to make a Banana Berry Green Smoothie! Super easy and really tasty–isn’t that what …

Coffee Ice Cubes graphic

Coffee Ice Cubes

What do you do with your leftover coffee? You know, the bit that sits in the pot because you made just a …

ice smoothie greens ratherbeeating

Iced Smoothie Greens

  No more throwing away half-eaten bags of spinach, kale, or other greens that turned brown before you finished them. The solution is oh …


Snack Attack: Tostitos Rolls

Tostitos were already my biggest weakness…and now this! I just discovered new Tostitos Rolls during a recent trip to Walmart. AHHH!!! They look …