For those that follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may know that I touched down in Atlanta on Thursday for the Blogalicious5 bloggers conference last weekend. Let me tell you all, I had no idea that I was in for such an awesome experience.

Each day was full of great info, speakers and vendors. Everyone is so warm and friendly. I don’t think I’ve even been in the same room with so many intelligent, talented and like-minded women–and they were all NICE!


Some of my favorite sessions included:

“Growing and Managing an Active Social Media Community” featuring Allison Peters, the social media strategist who manages the media presence Kerry Washington of Scandal, and many other clients as well.

“10-Steps intensives: A Series of Practical + Insightful Expert Talks” featuring several experts each giving 10 steps to perfecting an aspect of blogging and online engagement. I learned new things I never realized about the usefulness of Pinterest!

and my favorite: “Analyzing Analytics: How to Leverage and Track Your Social Channels for Monster Engagement.” This session was a fantastic breakdown of getting people to engage your blog and how to go about further engaging readers and potential vendors.

In addition to all of the great info I was able to glean, the conference was extremely well-organized. There were breakout sessions and vendor rooms, so if you weren’t particularly interested in a session, or you were suffering from ADD and needed a moment to clear your head, there were plenty of options.

Also, they gave away a TON of great stuff. Just look at my overflowing swag bag! Woot woot!

I would like to thank BeBlogalicious for the wonderful experience. I made so many great connections and I hope that next year when I return to the conference, my little site will be that much better!

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