Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Taste Like…

aunt anne's

Auntie Anne’s pretzels taste like Unconditional Love. And tell me, who doesn’t want that??!

Every time I walk through the mall, I am forced to inhale the intoxicating aroma of a food that makes me feel as warm as a hug from my grandmother. It’s just not fair, because I know in the back of my mind that it will take miles and miles of running to work off the problems that would be caused by eating this doughy confection that tastes like it has been drizzled with the tears of angels.

My favorite thing to get there is the Original Pretzel (with salt) and the cheese dipping sauce (heated please!). Nearly blinded by my desire as I walked by the booth yesterday, I was curious to see just how bad this little snack was for me. So, I decided to look up the nutrition info:

The Original pretzel (with salt): 340 cals, 5g of fat, 10g of sugar, but then…65g carbs (doh!), and 990mg sodium (dear GOD!)

The cheese sauce: 90 cals, 7g of fat, 2g of sugar, 3g carbs, 470mg sodium.

Needless to say, the salt content is enormous. Nevermind those glorious carbs. I guess I will have to save these for a super “cheat reward” to myself 6 months from now when I am closer to my goals. In the meantime, I hope Willy Wonka comes up with a Aunt-Anne’s-Preztel-flavored gum. Where’s Violet Beauregard when you need her?

Read the full nutritional information for all of Auntie Anne’s food and drink items here.

  • I can’t go to the mall without grabbing one of those pretzels either! But holy-crap .. the sodium! Definitely will be rethinking it next time.. It will be the ultimate test of my will power, that’s for sure.