Do-Anywhere Playground Workout [with GIFs]

IMG_2173One of my most popular posts ever is my Full Body Bleachers Workout. It’s a step-by-step workout that you can do on any bleachers or stairs complete with GIFs to demo each exercise. Since you all loved it so much, I’m back with another do-anywhere circuit workout that you can take to the playground (or anywhere outside!). Just in time for the awesome fall weather. 

The Do-Anywhere Playground Workout

Playground workout details

These moves can be done at any playground or roomy, outdoor space. Perform each move for 15 reps with no more than one minute rest between exercise sets. Repeat the full circuit three times. Here’s a breakdown of each exercise.

Elevated pushup

playground workout pushup

Using an elevated surface, perform 15 pushups.

Side-to-Side Hops

playground workout side hops

Jump side to side (over any object) without pausing between jumps (15 reps).

Tricep Dips

playground workout dips

Using your elevated surface, lower yourself into a tricep dip until your arms are at a 90-degree angle (15 reps). Lift one leg to add to the difficulty.


playground workout burpee

Starting from a plank, hop your feet forward and propel yourself up into a jump. Come back down and kick you legs back into the plank position.
(Try not to take a break until you’ve completed 15 reps.)

Alternating Knee Tucks

playground workout knee tuck ratherbeeating

Starting in a kneeling position, bring your knees up one at a time into a squat.
Alternate which leg you lift first.


playground workout v sits

Sitting on the edge of a low surface (or the ground), crunch your knees up towards your chest and extent them out in front of you, without letting them touch the ground. Repeat 15 times.

Box Jumps

playground workout box jumps ratherbeeating

Finish off the round with 15 box jumps. (You can use a bench or low surface)

Now that you’re through, repeat the full circuit three times! I was pooped after two rounds, but pushed through for three. If you’re not dead like I was, then go for four rounds. Don’t forget to come back and let me know how you liked the playground workout!!

Photography by: Osiris Azar

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