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Welcome! I’m Na’Tasha, a writer, food lover and fitness enthusiast. I created this blog to offer helpful tips and info to persons like myself who want to be fit, but also like things that taste great.

Here’s the thing: Americans spend about $35 billion on dieting and diet aids each year, and yet, we are still the Fattest Country in the World. ‘Why is that?’, you ask? Two reasons:

1. Exercise is hard, and 2. Food is delicious.

These two simple, yet profoundly contradictory truths are the basis of this blog. You see, a couple of years ago, I decided to finally commit to getting in shape as a LIFE CHANGE, and not just for my next trip to the beach. Years of up and down weight loss and gain have taught me that I just have to commit to uncompromising fitness and nutrition, or else never have a body like Halle Berry and Beyonce’.

The thing is, though, that I really, REALLY love mac and cheese. And bread. And fried anything. So, there’s that. That’s why I’m sharing my journey to get LEAN, strong, and flexible, while still pulling off a delicious roast chicken dinner. There will be pictures, videos, measurements, recipes, sweat, tears, and lots of references to Rihanna’s abs and Ciara’s legs.

Get some inspiration from me working hard when ‘I’d Rather Be Eating.’ Or, at the very least, you can point and laugh at me and get some good recipes.


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