How to Take Your Best Gym Selfie

ratherbeeating gym selfie kick back Is your workout truly complete without a gym selfie? We all feel proud of ourselves after crushing a workout, and who doesn’t love a nice gym selfie to showcase the sweat? But some folks haven’t quite grasped the concept of how to look their best when taking one. Too sweaty, too douchey, too duck-lippy (that’s a thing)…you get the point. Avoid ending up in someone’s group chat as a terrible joke by using the following tips to help you look your super-sweaty best.

1.  It matters what you wear A gym selfie is no FullSizeRender-3time to forget that it’s all about fit. Sure you’re there to sweat, but it doesn’t hurt to look nice doing so. Ill-fitting pants or too-tight sports bras can create bulges and dents where they really aren’t. On the other hand, oversized clothes can hide all the progress you’ve been making. Go for great-fitting activewear to show off your best self(ie).

Bonus: There is probably a limit on shirtless selfies, try not to overdo it. You’ll look like a douche. Unless you’re Lazar Angeloff…then post as many as you want, please and thank you.


2. ratherbeeating gym selfie look back Lighting, lighting, lighting (and filters) I don’t see anything wrong with adding a bit of Contrast to your filter for a little extra muscle definition, but don’t get carried away! The point is to SHOW your gains, not create them (Like I did in this example at right). Also, don’t just take pics in the bathroom mirror. There’s much better lighting out on the gym floor!

3. Know your angles This means know what your best features are and play them up, while masking any trouble zones. This also means doing something interesting! Don’t just stand there! Show what you can do: a great yoga pose (or a funny attempt in my case), a speed run, a power lift–whatever is your thing, rock it. Flex on ’em!

4. Timing Depending on whether you’re about to work out, or just finished a major sweat session, your look will vary. Obviously, you’ll look more fresh before a workout, but you’ll show that hard earned sweat afterwards. Keep that in mind when thinking back to angles. If you’ve got a huge sweaty crotch spot on your leggings, maybe don’t go for the full-on front view this time.

ratherbeeating gym selfie pose5. Props Props help keep things interesting. Whether it’s a medicine ball, held with just the right amount of flex, or whatever is nearby, props will add interest to your photo and help keep you from looking like you’re trying to hard. Just don’t grab anything crazy, like weights way heavier than you’re used to. It won’t end well. Don’t end up a #gymfail.

Bonus: It seems silly to wear makeup in a gym selfie, but the principle is still there. If I have crazy dark circles from a lack of sleep, I’m not gonna focus on face for that photo. I call that a “convenient crop.” Or, perhaps I’ll throw on a little concealer for the photo. Why do you think fitness models always look so good in photos? Makeup, duh. Skincare sticklers don’t come for me! I’m only talking for the photo here. You can certainly wipe it back off after if you’re concerned about clogged pores, etc. Or, even better, wash it off in your post-gym shower.

Let’s look at an example from one of my own gym selfie sessions. I started with a sweaty, not-so-flattering post-workout shot. In my second attempt, I realized that the side view was a better angle to mask the situation with my pants (lol). The last version is the final edit, with a brighter exposure and some contrasting. Voila!

ratherbeeating gym selfie beforeratherbeeating 2nd try gym selfie ratherbeeating gym selfie correct Here are a few fitness ladies that I think are gym selfie masters. Get some selfie inspiration here:

@FollowtheLita – Lita Lewis is one of my all-time faves! She’s fabulously upbeat, and her #thickfit physique is out of this world. She definitely knows how to play up her lovely assets! Follow her for a daily dose of awe-inspiring legs, abs and more.

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@Karinaelle – WFF Pro Bikini World Champ, Fitness model and cover girl, this 5’10 beauty makes it look super easy. Although she often has someone else behind the camera, her selfies are always top notch. Follow her for more great fitspo.

@GetBodiedBy_J Atlanta Trainer and Insta Hottie Janelle Salazar heats it up with lots of gym selfies, as well as workout vids. She loves to give multiple angles and her bathroom lighting is the best. Follow her for hourglass shaped envy for days! Now that you know, be sure to practice responsible gym selfie-ing! Leave your tips and comments below!

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Do you have a favorite Gym Selfie pose or tip? Share it in the comments below!

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  • Teflon Dun

    Great read. Strangely, I think sweat in a gym selfie is a good luck though

    • ratherbeeating

      Thanks Dun! Yes, sweat is good. Just sometimes the placement is weird. Plus, I think guys get a bit more leeway on this than the ladies 😉