RBE Travels: Montego Bay

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica for a wedding. The country was beautiful and so were the resort and wedding. Since the food was quite delicious (jerk chicken, curry chicken, festival, oh my!), I made sure to get my daily workouts in as …

Sugar Homer

Sugar – The Gateway Drug

My favorite friend is also my worst enemy. Sugar builds me up only to bring me (and my insulin levels) back down. …

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My Feelings on Chocolate

                Lately, this is how I’ve been feeling. I am also paying for it with …

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Women Used WHAT as Birth Control?

As hilarious, outrageous and often embarrassing as some of the current advertisements are for various forms of birth control, I think most …


Fab Fit Finds: Spin Doctor

Lately I’m obsessed with these cycle classes! While I’m getting firm, toned legs and abs for the summer, I’ll need so great …


Fab Fit Finds: Hello Kitty

Denim &amp; Supply Ralph Lauren <span>Distressed Denim</span> MICHAEL Michael Kors <span>Boots</span>   Spring fever has hit my workout style!

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Never Go to Costco Hungry

It is inadvisable to go to Costco hungry. Of course, we know that we shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, lest we …

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Beware the Sugar-Free Bears

Sugar free doesn’t necessarily meant guilt-free. And, in some cases, it doesn’t even mean calorie-free! Take for example these wonderful sugar-free gummy …

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I am Not Exotic

I’d like to take a moment and step away from the traditional health, fitness, and humor-related content of this site and share …